PUB 478: Publishing Workshop

Developing new forms of scholarly publishing (Summer 2017)

PUB 478

Instructor: Mauve Pagé

The Publishing Program is in the process of relaunching its CISP Press. This course offers students the opportunity to participate in the establishment of an experimental venture in scholarly and nontraditional publishing. Beginning with research on comparable organizations, formats, content opportunities, partnerships, and funding opportunities, students will participate in branding development and design of both the new CISP Press and its Podcast Network and in the development of innovative strategies for mobilizing research in academic and industry communities. Students will work with faculty, researchers and industry professionals to push the boundaries of publishing through exploration of design, format and content.


The instructor will be in touch with registered students about the course schedule.


The course is a small collaborative group and student evaluation is based on iterative design and written assignments. There is no final exam.


Prerequisite: At least 8 units of upper division Publishing courses and permission of the instructor. Students with credit for CMNS 478 may not take this course for further credit.