PUB 355W: Online Marketing for Publishers

Online marketing students

PUB 355W-4 explores online promotion and marketing in the creative economy with a focus on publishers. The course engages students with two critical marketing concepts through the texts The Long Tail and The Cluetrain Manifesto, which they will then apply to a semester-long individual marketing plan. In weekly seminars and lectures, students learn about the formulation and analysis of marketing goals, approaches to measurement, implementation and campaign management, finding and nurturing audiences and conversations, branding, and forecasting and budgeting. Through deconstructing the components of the 7-sentence marketing plan, students will then apply these strategies to creating a full marketing plan during activities, small group work, and presentations in weekly workshops/tutorials.

The “7-sentence marketing plan” is a systematic approach to marketing strategy that effectively defines an organization’s audience, objectives, and marketing opportunities. Students will conduct research on their chosen company each week and follow the principles of the 7-sentence plan to create campaigns for real-world projects. Students will finish the course with a theoretical and practical understanding of how the online tools they are familiar with can be used in a business context.

Sample Assessment Breakdown

This is subject to change.

  • Group Assignment (Brand) 5%
  • Group Assignment (Persona) 10%
  • Marketing Plan 15%
  • Public Relations Assignment 5%
  • Facebook Assignment 15%
  • Advancing Marketing Plan 25%
  • Take-Home Final Exam 25%