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Reading Devices – A Personal Note

A couple of months ago I traded in my old first generation Samsung Galaxy–it had been the fanciest smartphone around for a few weeks in the fall of 2010. I went big: my new phone is a Galaxy Note II, which is close to twice the size of my old phone. Funny to even think of it as a phone; I almost never talk on the phone. Rather, it’s a handheld Internet device. I won’t go into the neologisms, but really, it’s a small tablet–a much better size to carry and hold (and look at) than my first-generation iPad, for instance.

When I got the Note II, Rogers had a promotion on where they’d throw in a Kindle Paperwhite with a new signup. I qualified, so I now have a Kindle as well, which is nice because the last e-ink reading device I had was a first-generation Kobo that was completely useless. So, having spent a little bit of time with these two new toys, I can make some comments. Read more