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ALL the Tech: The latest publishing innovations from Tech Forum

SFU’s Master of Publishing program has famously positioned itself as a leader in the discussion on the future of the publishing industry. With current and future digital publishing trends always on the minds of MPub grads, it was now my responsibility to see how the discussion sounded outside the walls of Harbour Centre at BookNet Canada’s annual eBook Craft and Tech Forum conferences. I wanted to know, for example, how real-world professionals felt about proposed digital workflows. What were some skepticisms around new production technologies? Were publishers ready to disrupt or to maintain the industry?

There was no shortage of answers to any of these questions, and I tried to parse through twenty hours of mind-bending speeches from the industry’s most notable innovators, diviners, and disruptors. Here are four things I learned. Read more

MPub Crashes BookNet’s Annual Conference

SFU’s Master of Publishing program often employs leading industry experts to guest speak in lectures. In this way, grads get networking opportunities, as well as the latest professional insight, and, sometimes, industry gossip. I’m sure, for guests, it’s also interesting to see publishing grads in their natural habitat: computer screens illuminated in front of them, frantically taking notes, extending the question period by 5, no 10, no 20 minutes. In spite of two semesters of innumerable guest lecturers, I still felt uneasy attending the prolific, annual Tech Forum and eBook Craft conferences, which mimicked the same classroom atmosphere.

I found myself surrounded by notable industry experts in their own professional environment: mingling, laughing, catching up, exchanging ideas. I felt like I had infiltrated the inner circle. What next: quietly blend in or blatantly be known? To my own embarrassment, I chose the latter. (I really had nothing to lose.) Read more