Journal Publishing Services

Journal Publishing Support

CISP Press addresses the needs of a wide range of journal publishers, delivering support on all levels of the journal publishing process.

Using the operational and technical foundation of Open Journal Systems (OJS) and the expertise of our partners, CISP Press can provide you with all the publishing tools and personnel you need to have your journal published online and/or in print.

All publishing services are available at market rates and can be contracted individually or as a custom package.

Key Areas of Expertise

Planning and Orientation

If you are currently publishing print only, starting up a new journal, or adding an online component to your existing journal, CISP can customize OJS and assist you with your strategic planning for

  • open access
  • delayed open access
  • subscription only access

Submission and Review Management

CISP Press can undertake a customized setting up of OJS based on your journal’s needs. You can either contract with CISP Press to manage the process or CISP Press can turn the process management over to an editor and/or editorial assistant(s) of your choosing.

  • submission for acceptance/rejection
  • peer review process
  • manuscript revision

Editorial and Production

CISP Press can supply a managing editor for your journal to

  • assign and liaise with copy editors who work to your reference or bibliographical requirements
  • assign and liaise with proofreaders to check for accuracy
  • assign and liaise with graphic designers and/or production designers
  • liaise with printers and/or webmasters

Our team’s capabilities include a complement of experts in

  • print publication design, layout, and formatting
  • online publication design, programming, and maintenance


Business Management

The business side of journal publishing is as important as the scholarly dissemination of your journal. Creating a strong business model that recoups costs is essential to the success and well-being of your journal. CISP Press can supply professionals who specialize in

  • financial management (including bookkeeping and accounting)
  • subscriptions development
  • online release and back-issue management
  • print and/or online subscription management
  • print publication mailing and handling


Developing your journal’s strategic marketing plan is time well invested.

CISP Press can provide advice on

  • aggregative marketing
  • national opportunities
  • international opportunities

For more information, please contact:

Rowland LorimerĀ
Marilyn Bittman, Managing Editor

Author, Creator, and Other Publishing Services

CISP faculty can provide professional services to authors, creators, publishers, associations, and governments and CISP has working relationships with a wide variety of publishing professionals who can do likewise. These services are available at competitive rates. Those interested are encouraged to contact the appropriate faculty member or Suzanne Norman (