The Book of MPub

The Book of MPub curates research and critical thinking from students in the Master of Publishing program at Simon Fraser University. In doing so, it makes a contribution to a collective discourse on innovative technologies in publishing—epublishing, new business models, and crowd sourcing and social media. The Book of MPub furthers discussion in three formats: blog, ebook and the classic, ever-evocative print form. The experimental process is itself research, and both documentation of the insights gained and the final product are comprehensive resources for the publishing industry at large.


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Table of Contents

Foreword by John Maxwell


Project Summary: The Book of MPub

Project Summary: netCase Editorial Workflow System

Project Summary: A Revised Program Website

Kristen Gladiuk: How Do You Solve a Problem Like the eBook?

Suzette Smith: E-textbooks and Content Delivery

Chelsea Theriault: Maybe Not So Easy-Peasy: The Shift from “P” to “E” Catalogues

Emma Tarswell: The Struggles of Ebook Pricing

Kelsey Everton: Are Libraries Dying? Ebooks and the Future of Libraries

Katerina Ortakova: I Dare You to Say “Reader Engagement” One More Time

Cari Ferguson: On the Inside Looking Out: Is There Profitability in the Blogging Long Tail?

Shannon Smart: Take It! No, It’s Yours, Really! The Excellent Inevitability of Free

Ann-Marie Metten: Excel Pivot Tables: An Applied Use in the Publishing Industry

Kathleen Fraser: XML: More Like a Unicorn than the iPad Was, But Still Not Really a Unicorn

Vanessa Chan: Forget Repurposing: Multipurpose Your Content

Megan Lau: Who Wants Yesterday’s Papers: News Aggregators on the Web

Tamara Grominksy: The Plight of Contemporary Journalism: Risking Accuracy for Immediacy

Eva Quintana Crelis: The Book Oven and Self-Publishing

Cynara Geissler: Pix or It Didn’t Happen: Social Networking, Digital Memory, and the Future of Biography

Elizabeth Kemp: Is Facebook the End of the Yearbook?

Chris LeBlanc: True Fans: Can Social Media Get You $100,000 a Year?

Tracy Hurren: Annie Goes Public: Finding a Suitable Solution for Orphaned Works in the Google Settlement