Book Publishing 1

The publishing studies contained in this volume explore the dynamics of title acquisition; examine operations and management; describe the targeting of specific markets; analyze marketing, merchandising, purchasing, and reading; research foreign markets; and investigate technology and change. The articles were written by graduates and faculty members of the Master of Publishing program at Simon Fraser University.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments – Rowland Lorimer

Introduction – Rowland Lorimer

Chapter 1 / Editor to Author: Some Personal Reflections on Getting Published – Susan Juby

Chapter 2 / Blueprint for a Book: Formulating a Meaningful Author-Publisher Contract – Jesse Rebecca Finkelstein

Chapter 3 / The Dictionary Department at Oxford University Press Canada – Tom Howell

Chapter 4 / Project Management and Book Publishing – Marjolein Visser

Chapter 5 / New-Format Reprints: Creating McClelland & Stewart’s Emblem Editions out of Backlist – Medbh Bidwell

Chapter 6 / A Case Study of a Pop Culture Book: From Concept to Completion – Cathryn France

Chapter 7 / The Nature of Marketing in Higher Education Publishing – Leslie Carson

Chapter 8 / Using Archetypes to Market Sharon: Israel’s Warrior-Politician – Robert Desmarais

Chapter 9 / Book Reading, Purchasing, Marketing, and Title Production – Rowland Lorimer, Roger Barnes

Chapter 10 / A Book Publishers’ Guide to Publishing in China – Xiaoyan Huang

Chapter 11 / A PEXODyssey: Bibliographic Data Management and the Implementation of PEXOD – Heather Sanderson

Chapter 12 / The Publisher’s Extensible Online Database – John W. Maxwell