PUB 476
FRIDAY, July 8, 2016
$225.00 CDN (includes course material)
Room 3000


What’s right, what’s wrong, what’s optional?

Drowning in a torrent of confusing rules? Anyone who has agonized over a comma or a hyphen knows how tricky the details of punctuation and mechanics can be.

We’ll take a systematic approach to the troublesome areas of punctuation and mechanics, focusing on commas (always the source of debate), semicolons, colons, bullet points, quotation marks, italics, apostrophes, and dashes (em and en). We’ll cover the most recent rules, discuss when more than one approach might be correct, and examine the leading style guides. Be prepared to practise, and bring along your most challenging questions.

This workshop will benefit editors and writers who need a refresher on the tricky areas of punctuation and mechanics. The workshop is a natural companion workshop to Copyediting and Proofreading (July 11-12). The workshop will also interest those who plan to take Clear and Concise: Guidelines for Style (July 10)


Frances Peck is an editor and writer whose clients include government departments, agencies, and associations. She has taught editing and writing for two decades for the University of Ottawa, Douglas College, the Editors’ Association of Canada, SFU’s Writing and Publishing Program, and many private clients. Peck is the author of Peck’s English Pointers, an online collection of language articles and quizzes; co-author of the popular HyperGrammar website; and a former columnist for the journal Language Update. She is a partner with West Coast Editorial Associates.