SUMM 613
FRIDAY, SATURDAY, July 25-26, 2014
$450.00 CDN (includes course materials)

This workshop will familiarize you with the core concepts of transmedia and explore best practices for designing and implementing transmedia strategies. Audiences now expect media to bridge platforms through unified experiences. Delivering on these expectations in engaging and monetizable ways is essential for any media producer no matter the medium.

Through detailed case studies from a broad range of sectors that include TV, comic books, and digital learning we will dissect the technologies that make up transmedia experiences and strategies for successful campaigns.

The outcome of the session will be a transmedia playbook that can be applied to a wide range of subject matter and strategies.

Specific topics will include:

  • Cultural context for transmedia and a look at landmark projects
  • How to design stories and games for transmedia
  • What is the role of social media and how best to use it
  • What are the key technological trends driving transmedia today
  • How to monetize transmedia
  • What does it take to implement a transmedia campaign


Ryan Nadel is a writer of facts and fictions and maker of things with ones and zeros. Through his company, 8 Leaf Digital Productions, he produces and designs digital media experiences in a broad range of sectors including education, graphic novels, and TV franchises. He is an instructor at the Vancouver Film School and Centre for Digital Media. He writes about technology and society for Notable projects include the design and production of the interactive companion to Art Spiegelman’s recent book MetaMaus and producing the transmedia campaign for the Showcase original hit TV show Continuum.

Participants should be familiar with:

  • Social Media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube)
  • Narrative structures
  • General web design principles and techniques

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