SUMM 611
SUNDAY, July 27, 2014
9:00am-5:00pm [Room 2960]
$225.00 CDN (includes course material)

MAX. 20 participants

Understanding HTML5

Creating rich digital content with HTML5 starts with having a strong understanding of it’s core concepts and motivations. We’ll dive deep to help you be more expressive and get things done right to put exciting experiences online or elsewhere.

We’ll discuss the wider context, history, and technologies — distinguishing between ‘HTML5 the standard’ and ‘HTML5 the brand’. We’ll cover semantics, why they’re important, and how to express richer meaning to a computer.

We’ll talk about the differences when choosing tools and what to look for when using platforms like WordPress or Drupal. We’ll run through the important elements and their alternatives, how to choose what is the most appropriate, and what’s new. We’ll also talk about the core structure of an HTML5 document and what it means to browsers and services like Google.

Through a series of small projects, you’ll take content and create a validating document of your own. I’ll help you as you struggle or excel, and make sure that by the end you can write clean, validating HTML.

We’ll wrap up with a brief introduction to CSS and discuss how it’s used to style your documents and what designers look for so your content comes to life. We’ll also take a brief look at what the DOM is and how Javascript makes websites more interactive.


Anthony Charles

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