SUMM 607
WEDNESDAY, July 23, 2014
9:00am–5:00pm [Room 2960]
$225.00 CDN (includes course material)

WordPress is becoming the preeminent publishing platform for the web, and with good reason: WordPress makes it easy for anyone to build an advanced website and publish content to the web without needing to be a web developer to do so.

In Deep Dive Into WordPress we will start off with a basic WordPress site and look at all the features and functionalities available to you as a site owner. Then we will go further and explore the myriad of extensions and additions you can augment your site with using plugins and themes. Finally we will establish a best-practice scenario for creating, publishing, and sharing content on the web by integrating WordPress with social media and other web platforms.

This workshop aims to make you aware of and teach you how to use every tool in the WordPress toolkit to enable you to make the most of what web publishing has to offer.

Deep Dive into WordPress is for anyone who either has a WordPress site, wants to build a website using WordPress or is just interested in building a website for themselves or a company. You need a solid understanding of how to use a computer (PC or Mac), how to install software on your computer and how to use the internet.

To be able to follow the workshop you also need a working WordPress site running on your own hosting solution. users can also attend, but some of the more advanced features like plugins and themes are not applicable in the same way.


Morten Rand-Hendriksen is a technologist, web developer and educator living in Burnaby, BC. He is a top rated author with, has published four books on web design and is a sought after speaker at web and technology conferences. As the Web Head at Pink & Yellow Media he has built websites for everyone from local bloggers to political parties to banks to multinational corporations. In his spare time Morten organizes the 12×12 Vancouver Photo Marathon, the Vancouver WordPress Meetup Group, Theme Weekend and WordCamp Vancouver. He is also addicted to ballroom dancing and Argentine tango.

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