PUB 601
9:00 am-5:00 pm
Room 2960
Max. 20 participants
$450 CDN (includes course materials)

Attend this workshop, and no longer feel intimidated by the prospect of getting your content in front of the right online audience!  Site managers, publishers and professionals with minimum knowledge in this field will learn and experience the fundamentals required to build a data-driven, integrated digital marketing strategy, through an easy-to-understand and hands-on approach.

The first day will focus on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices.  Amongst the topics explored, you will learn the influence that keyphrases should have in your site structure, how poor design may hinder a site’s visibility in search queries, and the role that Analytics can play in SEO. The second session will expand on those fundamentals to show you how to develop an online marketing plan through various online channels. You will also learn how Google Analytics can help you gain a more complete picture of how you are acquiring visitors to your site and actionable steps for optimizing your online marketing initiatives.

No previous Google Analytics nor Search Engine Optimization experience are required! Just bring the email address and password associated with your Google Account.


Ava Naves, Principal of The Online Strategy House, has 19 years of experience as a digital marketer. Through her extensive work with a variety of clients — from national companies to local businesses — she has gained acute understanding of how Search Engine Marketing, Analytics, Social Media and Email Marketing must work holistically to achieve clients’ goals. She has presented workshops to government organizations, Crown Corporations, and local universities.

Not one to be impressed by industry jargon, her presentations have been described as “funny, inspirational and educational”.

If you have concerns about registering online, please call 778 782 5241