PUB 518
9:00 am–5:00 pm
Room 3000
Max. 22 participants
$475.00 CDN (includes course materials)

Book publishing is changing rapidly, nearly on a daily basis. What is a book? Is it just “content” on digital devices? What about enhanced books? Are they really just “apps” in a different format?

Whatever the definition of “Book” becomes, there is still a need for solid underpinnings to any publishing company. Best practices in business and fiscal responsibility are crucial to maintaining a successful publishing houses.

This workshop will review the business aspects of book publishing, from establishing an editorial position and setting a mission statement to planning and organization. We will review copyright and discuss the acquisitions process, which will be followed by a thorough review of the use of the profit and loss statement (P&L) in the acquisitions process.

“I needed a better grip on the business side of the press I manage. [This workshop was] absolutely spot-on for what I needed—almost as if it was tailored for me. The wealth of information—soup to nuts—takes on the whole value-added chain in only two days. Exceptional.” —TIM LAMKINS

We will then review income statements and balance sheets, and will closely examine budgeting and planning for cash flow.

Finally, we will look at sales and distribution, from the title information sheet to sales conference and sales channels. Our last subject will be marketing: planning and techniques.


Kevin Williams is the president and majority partner of Talonbooks. He has been in the book business for 30 years: 10 years as a bookseller and 20 years in distribution and publishing. He was a long-time executive at Raincoast Books, serving at various times as executive vice-president of business development, publisher, vice-president of sales and marketing, vice-president of international sales, and vice-president of operations. He holds a BA in communications from Simon Fraser University.

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