Teaching & Education

The Canadian Institute for Studies in Publishing (CISP) offers a graduate degree and undergraduate minor in publishing, in the Faculty of Communication, Art, and Technology, as well as the SFU Publishing Workshops.

The Master of Publishing (MPub) is an intensive 16-month program offered at Simon Fraser University’s Harbour Centre campus in downtown Vancouver. The program consists of two semesters of four months each, with the first semester beginning in September and the second in January. The eight months of classroom work are followed by a summer internship and a project report in the fall.

The undergraduate Minor in Print and Digital Publishing is an applied program targeted at students with declared majors in other subjects, especially English, Interactive Arts and Technology, and Communication. The program focuses on foundational skills , understanding, and appreciation of the various components of book, magazine, and journal publishing both in print and online environments.

The SFU Publishing Workshops offer participants the opportunity to learn from North America’s top publishing industry professionals. Participants complete hands-on projects, sit in on lectures and contribute to roundtable discussions in immersion workshops such as book editing and publishing, book design, and digital strategies for editors and designers.

In addition, three dozen one- and two-day workshops provide training in all facets of book and magazine publishing. The main component of the SFU Publishing Workshops is the SFU Summer Publishing Workshops which take place seven days a week in July and August. To ensure publishing professionals stay on top of the rapid changes in publishing, occasional weekend and evening sessions have been added throughout the fall and winter months.