Publishing Program Sessional Instructor Postings Fall 2020 (1207)

The Publishing Program is accepting sessional instructor applications for the Fall 2020 (1207) semester.

Application Deadline: Friday, July 3, 2020

Instruction in Fall 2020 (1207) will be conducted through remote methods. This may entail different modes of instruction, interaction with students, and marking practice than is normally the case. It is the instructor’s responsibility to adapt their teaching accordingly.

Publishing@SFU in Solidarity with Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

We stand in solidarity with protesters who are resisting anti-Black police violence. Black Lives Matter. Here are some places to donate if you have the means (h/t to @canlesbrarian for gathering these): 

Bail Funds in US states:

Black Lives Matter Vancouver:

Black Lives Matter Toronto:

Anti-Black violence is part of the ongoing crisis of white supremacy and settler colonialism.

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Publishing School in the Pandemic: Making plans in uncertain times

Cherry blossoms in Vancouver, April 2020

Are we disrupted by the pandemic? Hell yes, we are all disrupted. But we remain committed to our students and our mission and to the well-being of our communities. As an academic institution, we are in a position to keep going, even if it means adjusting how we operate.

In mid-March, Simon Fraser University made the decision to suspend all in-class instruction. That meant we scrambled to pick up all of our existing courses — both graduate and undergraduate — and keep them going online.

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Meet Craig Riggs — MPub Alumni

Craig Riggs

This interview is part of our “3 Questions” series with Publishing Minor students, Master of Publishing candidates, and MPub alumni.

Meet Craig Riggs, partner at Turner-Riggs and founder of ReaderBound.

Twitter: @craigriggs

1. What was something you wish you had done differently while in school?
Take more courses outside of my focus area.

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