Pandoc version 2.0 released

Pandoc, the amazingly versatile document production and conversion toolkit, has now been released in version 2.0. Lead developer John MacFarlane describes the move to v2 as “a major architectural change;” and also that “with each release, pandoc becomes more a team effort.”

A quick browse through the release notes shows a lot of practical improvements and new features. In addition to its already robust handling of plaintext, markdown, html, Word .docx, LibreOffice .odt, InDesign .icml, and epub2/epub3 formats, the new release has a number of new features that publishers and developers should check out. I’ll quote just a tiny bit of the release notes document:

New output format jats (Journal Article Tag Suite). This is an XML format used in archiving and publishing articles. Note that a URI-encoded CSL stylesheet (data/jats.csl) is added automatically unless a stylesheet is specified using –css.

New [input and] output format *gfm (GitHub-flavored CommonMark) (#3841). This uses bindings to GitHub’s fork of cmark, so it should parse gfm exactly as GitHub does…

New syntax for Divs, with fenced_divs extension enabled by default (#168). This gives an attractive, plain-text way to create containers for block-level content.

Support for PDF generation via HTML and weasyprint or prince… [in addition to existing PDF support via LaTeX]

Added –epub-subdirectory option (#3720). This specifies the subdirectory in the OCF container that holds the EPUB specific content…

Allow ibooks-specific metadata in epubs…

I’ve written previously about Pandoc’s superior capability with ebook workflows. I teach its use in a week-long workshop on Text Processing at DHSI each June. And I use it every day. Macfarlane’s release of version 2.0 is an enormous encouragement, especially given the growth of its developer community. It remains the highest quality, best documented, most useful piece of software I encountered in 25 years of working with text and computers.

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