Call for Doctoral Research Assistant

The Canadian Institute for Studies in Publishing at Simon Fraser University (Canada) is seeking a research assistant to conduct a literature review to assess current review, tenure, and promotion (RTP) practices at higher education institutions in the U.S. and Canada. The review will encompass topics in the higher education literature such as the application of traditional benchmarks of academic achievement (teaching, publication, and service) as promotion criteria, the effects the tenure decision-making process has on tenure-track and early career faculty, and how stated evaluation criteria differ from perceived criteria.

This work is motivated by the recognition of the problematic nature of public investments in research being captured in privately owned, toll-access journals that widely prevent public access to research. A strong and vocal community that promotes open access to research has emerged that has worked to study and educate researchers about the advantages of opening access to research (as well as data and educational materials). However, very little is known about current RTP practices as they relate to questions of openness and public engagement. This dearth of collectively organized information makes it difficult to propose concrete, evidence-based reforms to support openness and public engagement, which this literature review begins to address.

The literature review is part of a larger project supported by the Open Society Foundations under the leadership of Dr. Juan Pablo Alperin (SFU), Dr. Meredith Niles (UVM) and Dr. Erin McKiernan (UNAM). The project will examine the RPT process in the U.S. and Canada through the collection and analysis of RPT documents in ways that can directly inform actions likely to translate into behavioral change and to a greater opening of research.

The literature review is expected to be carried out in the Fall of 2016 at a rate of $25-35/hour CAD (commensurate with experience). The work can be carried out off-site, although an office, library access, and computer resources are available at the Vancouver Campus of Simon Fraser University.

Interested applicants should send a brief cover letter, CV, and sample literature review to Dr. Juan Pablo Alperin ( Position will remain open until filled.