Print Culture lecture by Roger Chartier

“A Bibliographical History: Editions and Translations of Las Casas’ La destruyción de las Indias, 1552-1820”

Bartolomé de las Casas’  La destruyción  de las Indias  was a scathing indictment of European colonial mistreatment of the  indigenous peoples of the Americas. This remarkable theological and eschatological history foresaw imminent divine punishment for Spain’s atrocities  in the New World. Based on the collections of the Library  of the University of Pennsylvania, this lecture will follow the multiple appropriations of Las Casas’ denunciation of the Spanish cruelties and tyrannies in America as translated, published, illustrated and presented in Early Modern Europe. The analysis of the various translations (particularly into French, English, and Italian) will provide a paradigmatic example of the multiple meanings given to Las Casas’  text by its translators, editors, and publishers and illuminates a cultural history and the ongoing legacy of the early modern colonial project.


1400-1430 Segal Centre, Harbour Centre, SFU Vancouver at 515 West Hastings

7:30pm on Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Reception follows. RSVP