CanLit Guides seeks Workshop Participants

Canadian Literature magazine has put a call out for statements of interest to help produce teaching materials for CanLit students and instructors. The CanLit Guides were written in-house and is an online, open educational resource created to aid classroom instruction. CanLit Guides is now changing the way they create these guides, eschewing academic hierarchy to gather input from a wide variety of individuals through workshopping.

Read the call out on the CanLit website or download the detailed PDF.

Call for Statements of Interest—CanLit Guides Workshop:

What does it mean to teach “Canadian literature” responsibly in higher education today? Over fifty years into the field’s institutionalization and hundreds of years into its creation, nobody knows everything about Canadian writing and criticism. Yet we are still often asked to be both specialists in research and generalists in teaching the literatures of Canada. As literature teachers, we all have different ways of reconciling this uncertainty. At Canadian Literature, we want to propose an additional strategy: crowdsourcing.

CanLit Guides is an online, open educational resource created to supplement classroom learning. In our initial years of development, the guides were written in-house and then peer-reviewed out of house. We are shifting to a new model of chapters written by and credited to area specialists. This workshop seeks to draw upon our collective expertise to produce teaching materials for our students and one another.

If you would like to participate in this workshop, please send CanLit Guides a statement of interest. For more information, please see our Call for Statements of Interest PDF. Deadline for Statement of Interest: July 15, 2015