Geist Founders Usurped After 25 Years

Geist magazine announced in April 2015 that the founders, Stephen Osborne and Mary Schendlinger, were being ousted. It was certainly no April Fools joke, but a tongue-in-cheek way to announce the new editorial management changes.

“Resistance leader Michał Kozłowski, a writer originally hired by Geist in 2006 to change lightbulbs and stuff envelopes, succeeds Stephen Osborne in the roles of publisher and editor-in-chief. Osborne and Schendlinger, unfazed by the coup, were keen to recognize the new regime. “We’ve been waiting for this for a long time,” remarked Osborne. “Oh, I thought they had already taken over,” Schendlinger added.

After 25 years at the top of the Geist masthead, Osborne and Schendlinger have been relegated to Brain Trust and will provide publishing expertise and editorial support to the new regime.”

Read the full press release on the Geist blog.