Vancouver Poet Laureate calls for submissions: Food & Poetry

“We are a city of diverse cultures, belief systems and economic backgrounds,” says Vancouver Poet Laureate Rachel Rose. “Food is personal, political, sensual, and powerful.”

Rachel Rose is calling on Vancouver poets, writers, and foodies to send submissions for a curated website and/or in the future anthology, Sweet Verse: Celebrating Vancouver’s Culinary and Literary HeritageThe project seeks to join writers in collaboration with local chefs, urban farmers, food bank workers, beer makers, bakers, cafe owners, beekeepers, etc.

Full project details and instructions on how to submit are available on Rachel Rose’s blog.

On the official poet laureate website, Rachel Rose writes, “There are many subjects and causes worthy of interest of a Poet Laureate, though few that engage us all. But all of us break bread together, or cook beans, or fry noodles. All of us carry memories of those foods that taste like home, whether it is the activist challenging the cruelties of conventional farming, the exile remembering the waft of spices on lost streets, or the child writing about the sockeye salmon she buys at Granville Island. Poetry inspired by food invites poets to write provocative work about the environment, class, immigration, and occupation, but it also allows us to celebrate our city’s strengths in a way that brings us together.”

P.S. If you’re interested in reading more about the connection between food and poetry, check out the League of Canadian Poets. Inspired by Rachel Rose’s inaugural speech as Vancouver’s Poet Laureate, they embraced the theme of Food & Poetry for this year’s National Poetry Month celebrations (April 2015).