Bookbinding workshop: bind and take home a beautiful book

The Alcuin Society is announcing a workshop to take place on two consecutive Sundays, May 24 and May 31, at Creekside Community Centre, on 1 Athletes Way in Vancouver. The workshop participants, taught by Adele Shaak, will have the opportunity to bind and take home their own exquisite copy of Flowers in Heraldry, a book illustrated and designed by Vera Ibbett between 1971 and 1974. It showcases the artists botanical painting and calligraphy skills. For more information about the book and the artist, visit Quiet Fire Design.


The Alcuin Society got the reproduction rights for this gorgeous book and published it in 1977, both as a bound and a loose page version. Now it offers a copy of the latter to the participants to the workshop, who will learn how to bind them in a two-day workshop. On the first day they will sew the book onto five tapes, create the endpapers and self-headbands, prepare the spine edge of the text block, and prepare the boards. On the second day they will create the contrasting spine piece and complete covering the boards, case in, and apply the label.

The price for this workshop is $129 for the Alcuin members, and $139 for non-members, with an additional $20 for materials. These include book board and book cloth cut to size by the instructor, sewing tapes, thread needles, cord for headbands, glue and glue brushes. The seats are limited to 8, and at the date of the post half of them had already been filled up, so make sure you sign up early. For more information or to register please contact Gina Page at 604.274.0919 or gpage[at]sd38[dot]bc[dot]ca