University of Washington Press Editorial Assistant Wanted

The University of Washington Press has an outstanding opportunity for an Editorial Assistant to provide administrative and editorial support for the acquisitions department, from the initial stages of book proposal review to the submission of final, revised manuscripts for transmittal to production. The Editorial Assistant assists the editor in chief and three senior acquisitions editors in coordinating manuscript peer review, researching readers, and gathering sales and other data used in assessing projects’ suitability for publication. Responsibilities also include working with authors in the preparation of final manuscripts; providing guidance on image quality, formatting, and permissions; and ensuring that all submitted manuscripts and their related materials meet our standards for publication.

University of Washington Press authors work in a wide variety of disciplines, and successful candidates for the Editorial Assistant position will have an understanding of a range of scholarly topics in order to most effectively communicate with authors and expert readers in these fields. Authors rely on knowledgeable advice in the publishing process and the quickly changing technologies in the world of scholarly communication, so Editorial Assistant candidates should demonstrate the desire to learn about the dynamic field of scholarly publishing.

Other Editorial Assistant responsibilities include preparing materials for weekly departmental meetings, biweekly editorial project review meetings and bimonthly Press Committee meetings of UW faculty. These include database records, descriptive copy, contract requests, production estimate requests, and publication proposals. Additional responsibilities include processing honoraria, sending complimentary book copies, maintaining and organizing files, sending manuscripts to peer reviewers, and email and phone correspondence with authors, potential authors, series editors, and peer reviewers.

Distribution of duties:

25% Assist editor in chief and other acquisitions editors with evaluation of book manuscripts. Responsibilities include assisting editors in assessing projects’ suitability for publication, assisting with manuscript review procedures and peer review processes, and communicating directly with authors. Research readers as directed. Gather sales data as requested for use in evaluating manuscripts.

20% Prepare materials for weekly acquisitions department meetings, biweekly editorial project review meetings and bimonthly Press Committee meetings. Manage database of hundreds of active and thousands of archived manuscript projects, and manage associated texts and illustrations. Arrange other meetings as requested and manage various schedules.

20% Evaluate preparation of final manuscripts including permissions for quotations used in text, copyrighted illustrations, illustration quality, and any reprinted material. Work with authors to resolve permission or illustration issues.

15% Draft advance book information, including descriptive copy. Prepare materials for transmittal of final manuscripts to copyediting. Request contracts, production estimates and draft publication proposals as requested.

10% Process readers’ honoraria and complementary book copies for acquisitions department. Create, update, and organize paper files and electronic records. Log in, copy, and send out manuscripts and other materials. Acknowledge receipt and decline proposals and manuscripts as directed.

10% Perform other acquisitions department support tasks as assigned by editor in chief.

The University of Washington Press traces its origins to 1915, when Edmond Meany’s Governors of Washington, Territorial and State was issued. The first book to bear the University of Washington Press imprint, an edition of The Poems of Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey,edited by Frederick M. Padelford, appeared in 1920. Since that time the Press has published approximately 4,400 books, of which about 1,400 are currently in print. Today we publish about seventy new titles each year.

From the beginning, the Press has reflected the University’s major academic strengths. Building on those strengths, combined with a vigorous creativity in developing regional partners, the University of Washington Press has achieved recognition as the leading publisher of scholarly books and distinguished works of regional nonfiction in the Pacific Northwest.

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Larin McLaughlin
Editor in Chief

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