RAW Content Earns Decisive Victory: Pubfight by the Numbers

Fantasy league publishing got serious this semester with 4 teams competing for bragging rights.

From the beginning RAW Content led the pack with defensive title selections and print runs. Pubfight rookie Monique Sherrett of Mind over Matter Media (M/M) got a late start but swept to second place Nov 16 and held strong against the rest of the pack but was unable to gain on the runaway sales of RAW Content.

RAW’s $900,000 victory over M/M was a clear victory. Superstar and veteran Pubfighter Paulina said “show me the money!”

Vortext Press and Corbeau Press, both grossing under $1M, surrended, citing challenges getting into the game. “Our top titles just didn’t do it for us this season,” said Vortext Press in post-game analysis.

On the win, Vortext Poet Molly quipped, “the problem is theoretical, the stress is real.”


To be sure, RAW benefited from an unusually weak bid auction and game-play schedule, but their win is still a remarkable accomplishment in a fantasy publishing league where initial printruns and ongoing inventory management can make a considerable difference. Vortext’s staff deserve plenty of credit for publishing the right titles, at the right time, with the right print runs.