Publishing Meets Technology at Canada’s first Tools of Change Conference in Vancouver

The brand new Centre for Digital Media will play host to Canada’s first Mini-Tools of Change Conference on Oct 19 & 20, 2012.

Publishing experts from across North America will mix and mingle with the leading thinkers in digital media to present a day of workshops and a day-long conference on just what is happening at this fascinating and constantly morphing intersection.

Tools of Change Conferences are developed and hosted by O’Reilly Media, one of the world’s sharpest technology companies, spreading the knowledge of innovators who are creating the future. Their flagship event in New York City, Tools of Change for Publishing each year draws thousands of techies, publishers, innovators and entrepreneurs. Ideas are launched, case studies are dissected and the leading minds in both publishing and technology offer up suggestions on new publishing models, business models and start up ideas.

At O’Reilly’s satellite events, called Mini-Tools of Change conferences, regional areas are placed in the spotlight. Now it is Vancouver’s time to shine.

By putting local movers and shakers on stage, we will let the global publishing world know there are exciting things happening in Vancouver.

While the focus at Mini TOC is on the intersection of technology and publishing — just like at the “big” TOC — at Mini TOC, the crowd is small, the atmosphere is intimate and informal, and all the emphasis is on attendees and presenters sharing the conversations.

See the Speakers List and Schedule.

At Mini TOC, the presentations are just the jumping off point for discussions that involve everyone in attendance. The format for Mini TOC Vancouver is a mix of idea-oriented sessions where presenters will lead discussions post-presentation — and “learn to do by doing” sessions with technical Q&As where attendees can ask the experts specifics on things like digital conversion, layout, and UX. It’s BookCamp, meets unconference, meets TOC.

Day one October 19 is a day of workshops in two tracks, mobile and ebooks. Day two October 20 is a full conference day.

Mini-TOC Vancouver will wrap-up with the first ever TOC Vancouver Ignite, which will put into the spotlight 10 brave local souls willing to share their innovative, world-altering (or potentially world-altering) bookish/techy/artsy stories in a breath-takingly brisk format!

Ignite presentation formats are 5 minutes in duration and the presenters use 20 slides each that auto-advance every 15 seconds to tell their stories.

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Suzanne Norman or Kat Meyer
Tel 778 370 1025