PUB 438: Design Awareness in Publishing Process and Products

Design, that is the composition of disparate parts into a coherent whole, has played and continues to play a central role in the history and current publishing practices, institutions, and products. “Design,” however, is a spongy term: Design refers to a host of activities, events and experiences, products, hairstyles, environments, interactive programs and apps, as well as to parks, yards, and book layouts, choices of font, illustration, and the fluidity of movement of an avatar in a game. All these designers share “design thinking,” a way of seeing or perceiving the world, a commitment to forethought, and its role in planning human communication and meaning-making. None of the design disciplines refers in its entirety of interest and practice to publishing, yet publishing, in its social role as a cultural and information facilitator has an interest in all of them, as well as in the effective application of design thinking to publishing as a field of endeavor and inquiry.

This course provides publishing students with a road map to the relationship between
communication and design, design thinking, a survey of skills and knowledge grounding design thinking, interrelations between design and the making of knowledge and meaning, innovation and invention, team work by and in design, and some of the scientific basics and well worn principles focusing design constraints and opportunities, problems and solutions.

Sample Assessment Breakdown

  • Biographical Note 5%
  • Group Project Brief 5%
  • Group Brochure 5%
  • Group Projects & Participation (3 x 10%) 30%
  • Research Review (Take-Home) 20%
  • Group Project & Presentation 15%
  • Final Assignment 20%